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Details of seminars offered at MKC will appear on this page.

MKC currently has one course on offer for practitioners of up to 8 years post admission experience, details of which appear below. The course is free of charge but a commitment to the whole course is required. Spaces are limited.

The tutorials will take place once a month, commencing May 2011 and continuing through December 2011.  It is anticipated sessions will take place between 2 pm and 5 pm. Additional sessions or programmes may be offered.

Presenters will be drawn from barristers and other experienced lawyers, magistrates or judges.

Applications for this seminar CLOSED on April 24th 2011. The seminar is oversubscribed and the interest shown is appreciated. We will fill spaces on a first come first served basis. We will offer the seminar again as soon as possible. We are investigating ways of accommodating those who will miss out this time so please check back here for updates. Those participating in this round have been advised.

MKC CPD Course Outline 2011/ 2012

This seminar is for lawyers up to 8 years post qualification experience. 

Topics will be drawn from the following-

A. Background 

  1. Historical aspects of the legal system, robing and other traditions, the development of the courts,
  2. What it means to be a professional                                           
  3. Duties to one another                                         
  4. Duty to the court; conduct in the courtroom,    
  5. Reputation
  6. Ethical matters

B. Practising law 

    Part I – Instructions, going to trial  

  1. Taking instructions  and acting on them  - Rumpole – episode “Rumpole and the Confession of Guilt”
  2. The criminal trial
  3. The plea in mitigation
  4. Evidentiary disputes on a plea of guilty
  5. Analysis of a trial- Craig & Bentley including developing a case theory 
  6. Evolution of advocacy styles 
  7. Movie “Let him have it” [dramatisation of Craig & Bentley trial]

    Part II – Civil  

  1. Commencing a civil claim
  2. Pleadings/ ethical duties in framing
  3. Defending a civil matter
  4. Briefing witnesses
  5. Case management by courts
  6. Negotiating a resolution
  7. Mediations & arbitrations
  8. Ethical duties in ADR

    Part III - The Courts 

  1. The Judges
  2. Hierarchy of the courts and routes to appeal
  3. Precedent and approaches to decision making
  4. The role of the High Court

    Part IV – Advising 

  1. Importance of instructions- identifying the question correctly-articulating the question- answering the question
  2. Preparing an advice
  3. Structuring the advice
  4. Tips for clarity
  5. Research techniques & good sources of information
  6. Ethical considerations in dealing with clients

    Part V - Evidence & Advocacy  

  1. Practical tips on evidence
  2. Advocacy-trial advocacy and appellate advocacy
  3. Preparing an appeal
  4. Appearances before Boards & Tribunals
  5. The duty to assist the court
  6. Ethical considerations in advocacy